Student Council


           The Student Council is made up of six students ranging from 4th class to 6th class. In September, elections were held in the relevant classes. One boy and one girl from each class were elected to sit on the Student Council. Ms Kelly, the teacher representative and Mr Linehan oversee the running of the Student Council. The Student Council members wear a badge on their uniform to make them easily identifiable to the other students and guests at our school. We meet every three weeks. We also have a Student Council notice board opposite the staffroom which we update regularly.

Here are our members



Student Council Charter


·                The Student Council in Spa N.S will meet Mr Linehan and Ms Kelly every three weeks.

·                   The members are elected by their class mates in September.

·                   They will wear their badges of identification with pride.

·                   They will help the Principal and Ms Kelly to carry out many simple tasks within the school.

·                   They will check the suggestion box before every meeting.

·                   They will organise events and competitions.

·                   They will serve as a welcoming committee for any visiting dignitaries.


       The Student Council organised a Christmas competition at Spa N.S. Junior Infants to 2nd Class had to draw a Christmas scene. 3rd Class to 6th Class wrote Christmas poems and stories. The standard was exceptionally high and the six members of the Council had the difficult task of juding all the entries. The winners were announced at assembly with two children from every class receiving a prize.

        Congratulations to all who entered and we look forward to running more competition in 2016



Spa NS Proclamation 2016

      The Student Council at Spa N.S are very busy preparing for  the 1916 Commemoration Ceremonies. They are currently brainstorming with students from every class in the school to write the best Proclamation suited to our school and ethos. Under the guidance of Mr Linehan, Ms Kelly & Ms Breen, we brainstormed suggestions to include. We are looking forward to revealing the finished product on this web page next week.

Brainstorming session with representatives from every class


Spa NS Proclamation Committee 2016


Student Council 2015 - 2016


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