Health Promotion

Spa National School is very proud to have been a successful Health Promoting school for many years. All staff have worked continously to highlight the importance of healthy living to all of our students in the school. In Spa N.S. , health refers to social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical health.

Our Health Promotion Committee under the leadership of Mrs. Griffin Crowe has worked tirelessly to provide a safe and health enhancing social and physical environment and to organise a variety of activites every school year which will reinforce the important lessons of Health Promotion to all members of our school community . These activities have always aimed at improving our young peoples's understanding that they can take action and generate positive change in their lives.

The function of the school is to 'promote the moral,spiritual,social and personal development of students and provide healthy education for them,in consultation with their parents,having regard to the characteristic spirit of the school'.Education Act 1998. Therefore, the school is proud to have placed such emphasis on Health promotion over the past five years.

Spa N.S. has enjoyed the following benefits as a result of being a health promoting school.

  • Promoting of student and staff health
  • Increased learning for students
  • Students have greater levels of confidence and self esteem
  • Lower incidence of bullying
  • Most children eat a healthy breakfast as a result of nutrition policy and
    frequent discussions on the benefits of eating healthily
  • School environment has become safer,more secure and walls are
    decorated  with pictures of the children and their artwork.Happy
    smiling children fill our classrooms
  • Teacher/pupil,pupil/pupil relationships have been developed and enhanced
  • Active parents council and parental involvment

Every September,  we decide to get off to a good start in promoting a healthy atmosphere in the school. We begin
what we called a 'Fruity Break' where the first sos of the day was devoted to eating a piece of fruit. Junior and
Senior Infants are particularly enthusiastic and bring in lots of interesting pieces of fruit. The older classes make their own juices and healthy smoothies in their classes with their teachers' help. We hope this 'Fruity Break' would be an automatic and enjoyable part of the school day. for all classes.

We in Spa National School are very lucky
to have a very positive relationship with our
parents and we have a very active and
innovative parents council in operation in
the school. In October to integrate with the
harvesting of different fruits, we hold a
healthy eating day in the school.
Local shop and suppliers always
supply the fruit for the day. We present
the children with ideas for healthy lunch boxes
and ideas for their fruity break. Roasted
vegetable soup is cooked, as are other goodies like
blueberry muffins, apple muffins, brown bread,
fruit flapjacks and very popular cheese puffs,
to name but a few. Roasted seeds (a mixture
of sesame seeds, linseeds and sunflower
seeds) are another favourite and extremely nutritious for lunch boxes. Fruity Wands are very popular with all the children
and very easy to prepare. Different types of fruit, strawberries, kiwis, orange, melon etc. are presented on fruit skewers and
enjoyed by all the children. The children can  even select their own pieces of fruit. We also make smoothies and fresh fruit juices on the day..

Children and parents are involved as parents explain to children how soup, muffins and bread are made. Children in turn come up with their own ideas and enjoy the experience enormously. 'Mol and oige agus tiocfaidh siad'.

To promote the importance of healthy eating, we regularly invite local dentists, in to talk to the children about their looking after their teeth. The children get to meet Casper and Jasper,the Acid monsters and learn how to brush their teeth properly and why it is so importan to begin looking after teeth from a young age.

A learning experience for us all!

               'Healthy Eating Day'
    Our Healthy School Flag Award
         Healthy Visitors to Spa N.S.
         The dentist shows how to do it!