Spa National School is a community where pupils, parents and teachers collaborate and work in partnership for the children.  When parents decide to send their children to our school, they are entering a relationship that has a shared sense of purpose and mutual respect.

In keeping with the principles of education, our school is democratically run by our Board of Management. The involvement of parents is sought and encouraged both at Board and Parent Association level. Respect for professional role of the teacher and the statutory responsibilities of the Principal, Patron and the Board of Management is always an important consideration.

Some General Guidelines for parents:

  • Show an interest in, and concern for, your child’s education.
  • Being over-ambitious and putting undue pressure on the child is undesirable.
  • Avoid comparing your child with other children at home, in class or in the neighbourhood.
  • Review the use of television and computer games.
  • Praise and encouragement is the cornerstone of successful relations between parent/teacher and children.
  • Problems, which affect your child’s progress at school, should always be discussed with the class teacher or with the Principal.  The contact numbers for our School are:

Telephone:    066-7136618
Fax: 066 - 7136619

Do not hesitate to contact the school at the above numbers to make an appointment to meet the Class Teacher/Resource Teacher or Principal.

The following methods are used to ensure effective Home/School Links:

  • A note in the child’s Homework Journal.
  • A letter to parent/guardian or teacher.
  • Personal visit – appointment advisable.
  • Parent/Teacher Meetings.
  • Newsletter.
  • Talks for parents and teachers on some aspect of school life.
  • Religious Celebrations, i.e. School Mass, Sacraments.
  • Annual Sports Day.
  • Parents Association.
  • Booklet for Infants starting school.

Getting Involved

Parents are invited to become involved in the school in many ways and at many levels, for example:

  • School bodies – Board of Management, Parents Council, various school committees
  • Attending Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Fundraising

Parents are kept informed of school activities through the school newsletter and are invited to attend school sports activities e.g.  Sports Day, matches, etc.

Benefits of Parental Involvement

  • Parental involvement actively supports and encourages the child’s learning.
  • It promotes good parent/teacher relationships and a better level of understanding between home and school.
  • It enhances communication, trust and respect between parents and teachers.
  • Parental involvement allows children to see that school is an extension of home and therefore fosters the idea of the “school family”
  • Parental involvement provides the opportunity of making lifelong friends.

How to get involved

  • Attend meetings which are convened by the various school bodies at the beginning of each school year.
  • Make an appointment to speak with your child’s teacher to discuss any concerns which you might have from time to time.
  • Take an active interest in your child’s progress through examining his homework and his school journals.

Guidelines for getting involved

  • The happiness, welfare and safety of our children are our primary concern.
  • Respect for the teachers in their professional capacity is essential.
  • Discipline remains the responsibility of the teacher.
  • In order to minimise disruption of classroom work, prior appointments are necessary if you wish to speak to the class teacher.  These appointments may be made through the school secretary or by note to the teacher.

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