First Class


We had a spooky time in First class in October. We dressed up in scary costumes and even scared our teacher! We played fun Halloween games in the hall and learned about some of the bones in our body. We took part in a costume parade in 6th class so the other children could get a chance to see our wonderful costumes. After lunch we made tasty chocolate apples. We did some spooky Halloween art and had a small party in our classroom.
😈 What a great day! 😈

Maths Week
During Maths Week, First Class decided to do lots of extra fun maths activities.
On Tuesday, we were very busy taking a survey of the different coloured cars that passed our school. Silver was the most popular!
On Wednesday, we went to the hall and had great fun playing x's and o's, snakes and ladders, snap and dominoes.

First class picking their sweet corn which they grew in the school garden